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What is a good breathing technique to use when I get worked up or angry?

Posted by Sarah J.

breathing technique to reduce stress
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Count to Ten... and then.... It's true what they say about counting to ten when you are angry. I think we've all had a situation (or two) where we've said things that we haven't meant - and the problem with words is that in real life, you don't have a delete button. If you are worked up or angry, use the same principles and the count to ten. Take a deep breath through your nose for a slow count of five. Hold it for a count of ten (don't smother yourself, if you have to release before ten, by all means do!) Then slowly exhale for a count of five. In your head, as you breathe, repeat to yourself, "This will pass 1," "This will pass 1", This will pass 1"... When it's time for the second breath, use a 2. This breathing exercise takes a few minutes to complete. By the time you're finished, you should not be seeing red anymore. Then you can deal with the problem at hand. ((If you don't have several minutes, obviously you can count to five but don't cheat just cause you're angry)).

Well...we've all been there Sarah.  I do have a breathing exercise for you and I want to point out a technique that has been very helpful for me as well.

Often we become angry when we are not living in the present moment.  We are either thinking about some "probability", some "wrong action" another might take, usually one they've taken before...or we continue to interpret an event that has already occurred. Giving to it extra meaning and as we continue to relive the scenario.

This circular pattern of thinking typically leads to escalated emotions, but there is something we can do to stop this cycle.

Whenever you begin to feel your emotions getting the best of you...STOP...take a breath and reevaluate the time line your living in.  Make a choice to live in the moment.  The now is the only time you can affect.

Anger can really zap your energy and leave you feeling drained for the rest of the day.  Invest your energy in the now and get the most from your day.  A pleasant side effect of living in the moment is feeling of peaceful wellbeing.

 Best of luck!  I'd love to know if this helped.

Chris Stauffer

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