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What do you know about Generalized Anxiety Disorder

Posted Jul 05 2009 10:21pm

Generalized Anxiety Disorder is commonly known as GAD and it affects many millions of people in the United States and around the world.  More women than men have this anxiety disorder and the age group it affects is broad, ranging from childhood to middle age, so it really can affect anyone at any age.

GAD usually occurs with another problem which can include an addiction for example and so that has to be addressed first before treating the Generalized Anxiety Disorder and it is also often associated with other anxiety disorders like panic disorder.

GAD is a long term disorder and the symptoms that may present themselves could be a general fear but with no apparent reason and triggers could be being jumpy, hot flushes, irritable, nausea, headache, being on edge or unable to relax.

People who have mild Generalized Anxiety Disorder may be able to function on a day to day basis with little outward signs and just suppress their feelings.  Usually in these cases the sufferer is not diagnosed correctly until the disorder gets more severe and does affect their daily lives.

In advanced stages even thinking about going through another day can be enough to trigger anxiety feelings and bring on a panic attack. It is therefore important to get help from a professional.  Behavioral therapy and medication are usually recommended as treatment of this disorder.

If you are in the mild stage then you can get some relief from lowering your stress levels.  Meditation music is good for this and I use that myself.  Panic Away is another program that is worth looking at if you suffer from panic attacks as it has a great success rate.  Of course I am not advocating not getting professional help and I must stress that you should get proper diagnosis.

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