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What are all the different types of peer pressure that teens go through daily?

Posted by winterguard101

i am doing a paper for my English class and its on peer pressure for teens.
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Peer Pressure can come in many different forms with teens.   When you are a teen, you are in your developmental cycle of individuation.  Therefore, trying to separate from your parents and become your own person.  At the same time, teens are very susceptible to different kinds of pressure as they are trying to align with their social group.  Teens are just as influenced by what's determined cool and what isn't.  This could be fashion, to sports, to being thin, or liking a particular TV show, to playing a certain sport.  Whatever their group thinks is cool, teens will be influenced by that.  In addition, teens these days are probably more over-scheduled with commitments than ever and this definitely adds to the pressure they feel to accomplish and achieve.  A great book to read on teen pressure with girls is called "Queens, Bees, and Wannabees.  
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