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Ways to Avoid Holiday Madness and Stress

Posted by Nirmala N.

1) If you can, avoid shopping malls and the consumer craze altogether--they are enough to drive anyone crazy! Instead, shop online at all-purpose places like Best Buy or Better yet, get into the giving spirit by gifting unique presents: charitable donations to your loved ones' favorite organizations.

2) If you have a meditation or exercise routine, be sure not to let it get disrupted by holiday visitors or out of town plans--this can be the key to staying sane!

3) Not having enough money to spend on holiday gifts can be stressful. Try your hand at things like baking cookies, making scarves, or offering "IOU" type certificates (e.g., for a massage, a home-cooked dinner, babysitting) to your loved ones, in lieu of expensive presents. Unique, homemade gifts are often more appreciated than you might think.

4) If you tend to host holiday parties, avoid the stress that comes with doing everything by asking your guests to bring a dish, and getting help decorating.

5) Spending time with family members over the holidays can be stressful, as well. If it's too much to handle, consider staying in a hotel or with friends rather than crashing with the family if you're visiting from out of town.

6) The holidays can also be cause for depression among lots of people. Be sure to be good to yourself--exercise, eat a balanced meal, and do the things you love.

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Even before the recent mall tragedy in Omaha I have avoided malls. I feel they are really soulless places. You can't find the quirky little shop in the mall. You just find these bland chain stores in a bland environment with bland music playing in the background. Shopping online is much preferable as an alternative.
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