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Veterans Employment Issues: Overcoming Obstacles in the Job Hunt

Posted Sep 12 2012 8:05am

This past weekend I was on Dr. Stan Frager’s radio show talking about PTSD, both civilian and military. We were joined on air by Zach, a former Marine. In our conversation we talked about all the causes of  and treatments for PTSD.

Zach and I also talked about how much we had in common in so many ways from avoidance to isolation to feeling a lack of connection with other people including both friends and family. I guess I should stop being surprised by how similar we all are in PTSD since I am constantly faced with how we all experience the same PTSD symptoms regardless of the event that triggered posttraumatic stress. This includes, even, questions we’re all faced when we apply for jobs:

Do you or don’t you say that you have PTSD?

Click here to LISTEN LIVE at 2pm EST today.

Which brings me to exciting news:

This is it, peeps! The day has come that we’re relaunching  YOUR LIFE AFTER TRAUMA on it’s new day and time with its new sponsor, Timberline Knolls .For our first show we’re tackling the subject of ‘Veterans Employment Issues’, including the answer to the question of whether or not you disclose you have PTSD up front.

YOUR LIFE AFTER TRAUMA now airs Wednesdays, 2-3pm EST/11am-12pm PST on CONTACT TALK RADIO.

A few weeks ago in an article for the Washington Post, Steve Vogel wrote a piece entitled, Finding a job biggest challenge for veterans, survey finds ‘, which stated the following veterans employment statistics:

The Bureau of Labor Statistics issued figures this month showing that the unemployment rate in July for Iraq- and Afghanistan-era veterans fell to 8.9 percent, more than a half-percentage point lower than the previous month.  The rate,  which was 12.4 percent in July 2011, has dropped for six consecutive months and is not much higher than the national unemployment rate, which was 8.3 percent in July.

With this kind of data, how are our veterans supposed to find employment that utilizes their skills and provides them a way to make a meaningful contribution to the society they’ve committed to protect?

On YOUR LIFE AFTER TRAUMA this Wed., Sept. 12, we’ll be examining these exact questions, plus: What does the civilian world need to understand about veterans capabilities in the workplace?

If you have comments or would like to share your experience call in to the show: 425-644-5620

Terry Howell is the Managing Editor for Benefits for and the author of The Military Advantage, an annually updated guide to military and veteran benefits. Widely regarded as the leading expert on military education and retirement benefits, Terry joined the team in 2003 after 20 years of service in the U.S. Coast Guard. Terry has provided career, finance, education, benefits and transition counseling to service members and their families for more than 10 years. He worked directly with the Department of Defense to create content for their online transition assistance program known as TurboTAP. In 2009 he met with White House staff to provide input on issues surrounding the implementation of the Post-9/11 GI Bill. Information on military benefits can be found by clicking here.

Jonn Lilyea was platoon sergeant in Charley Co. 1/41st Infantry in the 3rd Brigade of the Second Armored Division Forward which was attached to the 1st Infantry Division during Desert Storm.

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