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Vacation Days

Posted by C.L. R.

It has been in the news lately that Americans haven't been taking all of their vacation days. One of the reasons listed was that they feel guilty for taking time off work and getting paid for it. People! Wake up! There are countries that offer months off at a time and we feel guilty for taking the equivalent of two weeks? Yes, our country is based on capitalism and production and getting things done and I get it, because I work at home and it is extremely hard for me to step away and participate in my life, let alone take a vacation but I have made a new vow... every year. Someplace fabulous and relaxing. Because otherwise... what are we doing with our lives? Making time to relax is huge for our health. If you're anything like me, it takes three days into your vacation to even begin to relax. If you've only taken a week off and two of those days are reserved for travel... Stress is a huge factor in terms of health and if we can't figure out a way to de-stress, we are in big trouble. I've decided that from now on, I am blocking out ten days a year to do nothing. period. In a fabulous location. Money, guilt or imagined responsibilities will not longer be an excuse. I am setting aside 10% of every check. If, at the end of the year I don't use all of it for my vacation, I'll set it aside into a spa fund or something. Look, life is short. Don't cut your vacation time short. Plan it out, do something fabulous. You deserve it.
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I think that's a great idea... setting aside money from each check, so when you want to take a vacation, you can! Planning a trip can be stressful because of the cost, but this trick eliminates that.
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