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Using Essential Oils the RIGHT Way

Posted by Tracii H.

Aromatherapy oils can be a lavish, luxurious way to relax, but there are some risks if used incorrectly. The following guidelines are meant to ensure effective, safe use of essential oils: ***Don't use undiluted essential oils on the skin. They are extremely concentrated and can cause burning, skin irritation and sensitivity to light.***Use only pure essential oils from plants, not synthetic oils containing chemicals. These don’t have any medicinal value, but may be used for other purposes.***Use with caution essential oils that are irritating to mucous membranes and skin. Keep all essential oils away from the eyes.***Vary the oils you use. Daily application of the same blend of oils over your entire body for more than two weeks is not recommended. It is safer and more effective to alternate with a blend of different oils containing different chemical constituents every two weeks. Rotating the oils gives your body time to process them and allows each oil to work on different levels in its own unique way.
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Feel Your Sensuality Awaken with the Power of a Rose Rose oil has been dedicated to Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of sexual love and beauty, and her Roman equivalent, Venus. Shrouded in a mist of myth and magic, rose oil is recorded over and over throughout history and across cultures. Science has finally begun to catch up to folklore in providing an explanation for the sexually stimulating effects of this amazing essential oil. The fragrant molecules of rose oil are able to quickly penetrate and travel the pathways of the body, rapidly energizing every cell, while bringing balance and harmony to the body. The Most Trusted Stimulant for Sexual Desire Rose oil is a powerful antidote to chronic sexual disorders such as frigidity, impotence, and low libido. It is also beneficial for woman who find it difficult to reach orgasm. A sense of wellbeing is created, so it is useful for depression. Wondrously Healing for Beautiful, luxurious skin Ancient cultures used this powerful oil for gorgeous, healthy skin. It is Beneficial for all skin types and complexions. Pure rose oil has soothing, cooling, hydrating, harmonizing and anti-inflammatory properties. A natural cell rejuvenator and skin balancer, it soothes and comforts the skin, supports the skin's natural functions, adds and retains moisture, promotes circulation, tones the skin capillaries, reduces redness, promotes tissue regeneration and smoothes wrinkles. It is well suited for allergy prone skin. A secret of the Ancestors for Dazzling Skin Women have been using Jojoba oil as a beauty treatment for centuries. Native Americans, Aboriginals, and other ancient peoples used to extract the oil from jojoba beans as a treatment for cuts, sores and bruises, as well as sunburn. Easily absorbable, it is non greasy, soothing, and effective for all skin types.
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