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Topics For Everyone Topics for Combat Stress

Posted Nov 20 2009 10:04pm

reading-a-newspaper-pixel_unikat Such an interesting and diverse week of news! Make sure you check out the fabulous radio show hosted by Heal My PTSD, LLC, with addictions counselor, Laurie Carty, and PTSD Navy vet, Jason Ream of This show pertains to civilians and military alike by talking about what mental programming and beliefs make addictions, plus how you can begin to change addictive habits, patterns and behaviors in just a few simple steps.

And then, rock yourself out on PTSD news, including John Mayer’s vet involvement, how breathing techniques help heal PTSD, and so much more about programs for preventing and/or healing PTSD. Enjoy!

Topics For Everyone

Birds in captivity lose hippocampal mass - The results provide new clues that could help researchers better understand human stress disorders such as depression and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), which have been linked in previous studies of mammals to decreased hippocampal volume.

John Mayer Supports Troops with his new album, Battle Studies  - In place of Mayer’s annual Holiday Revue, these concert events will raise money for two veteran’s charities - Military Outreach Ministry Camp Pendleton (MOM) and NCIRE - the Veterans Health Research Institute.

Alcohol Helps Accident Victims - A new study led by University of Adelaide researchers shows that moderate alcohol consumption may help protect accident victims from posttraumatic psychological distress.

The Short and Long-term Effects of Bullying - Adults that experienced such behaviors as children often suffer from depression and anxiety stemming from their childhood oppression. They can also develop conditions such as Oppositional Defiance Disorder, PTSD, or Hyper-Vigilance.

Drs. at BU Medical Present on Effectiveness of Breathing Techniques in Healing PTSD  - They will then present the evolution of a program of innovative breath practices based on their clinical studies of military veterans with PTSD, survivors of the 2004 South East Asia tsunami with PTSD, and severe GAD (Generalized Anxiety Disorder) patients.

Topics for Combat Stress

Combat PTSD Book Review: SHADOW OF THE SWORD  - Jeremiah draws you in to his battles. The story is written well. It flows in a way that creates your desire to keep reading, hoping the next page brings you and Jeremiah peace and victory, hoping that trust will be restored, hoping the wounds will heal.

Education Key to Overcoming PTSD Stigma  - The author of “Collateral Damage: How Can the Army Best Serve a Soldier with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder,” spoke about the recommendations he made in his paper that he hopes will aid in better understanding how to treat mental-health problems for Soldiers and their families.

Study May Help Curb Cases of Combat Stress Disorder  - A 2008 Rand Corp. study estimated that in the two years after deployment, the cost of treating PTSD or major depression in service members, coupled with the value of their lost productivity, was more than $6 billion.

 Off-Label Use of Psychiatric Meds Common for Vets  - Treating veterans with mental illness is an important task of the Department of Veterans Affairs health care system, but a new study reports that off-label use of psychiatric medications is near 60%, prompting concerns about the appropriate use of medication and optimal provision of mental health services.

Texas Combat PTSD Risk Project  - One of the projects focuses on risk, seeking to uncover the mechanisms underlying PTSD, assessing soldiers not only after their return from the battlefield but also before and during their deployment provides a unique opportunity for prospective research.

More Vietnam Vets Seeking Help for PTSD - The number of Vietnam vets receiving PTSD treatment more than doubled between 1997 and 2005, swelling from 91,043 to 189,309, according to the latest figures available from the government.

Wounded Warriors Raise Money & Awareness - ”Being a veteran myself, this event is important to show our wounded warriors we appreciate their service,” said Jim Banakus of the Solvang American Legion post.

VA to Ease Way for Vets to Get Stress Disability -  The Veterans Affairs Department has proposed reducing the paperwork required for veterans to show their experience caused combat-related stress. Even just the fear of hostile action would be sufficient, as long as a VA psychologist or psychiatrist agreed.

Veterans Get together to Relieve Stress - For those who need help, “Vet to Vet” is a group talk therapy that is specifically geared toward veterans.

Shinseki Delivers ‘State of VA’ Message to Congress -  We have been busy putting into place the foundation for our pursuit of the President’s two goals for this Department: transform VA into a 21st Century organization, and ensure that we provide timely access to benefits and high quality care to our Veterans over their lifetimes, from the day they first take their oaths of allegiance until the day they are laid to rest.

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