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Topics for Everyone Topics for Combat PTSD

Posted Oct 07 2009 11:57am

reading-the-paper-little-image There’s a new page on the Heal My PTSD, LLC, website! Popular PTSD Questions  answers the most common questions asked about PTSD. What question(s) have I left off the list? Shoot me an email via the Contact page and I’ll update.

I’ve recently discovered two vets writing with great honesty, clarity and strength about their PTSD experience.  PTSD Honored with Dishonor  is written by an American Desert Storm Navy vet. He is determined to beat PTSD. About healing he writes: Before you are ready to start something like this, you need to get in touch with your absolute desire to be something different. Not a victim, but that confident and strong person that doesn’t accept defeat. I am currently making the transformation from victim to victor!

Oedipus Lex is written by an Army vet from across the pond in England. He brings up the interesting point: We are scared of yet scarred as a soci­ety by men­tal health issues, depres­sion is still a taboo and this is mag­ni­fied fur­ther with PTSD as it is some­thing we don’t under­stand and it scares us.

Whether you are a civilian or a vet you have to hear and appreciate the strength of these men facing what needs to be faced and doing what needs to be done.

The rest of this week’s news is full of interesting stories about trauma and memory, facts & stats about mental illness, how war affects military families, plus a slew of pieces about new programs and initiatives to help vets heal.

Topics for Everyone

PTSD Research Quarterly: Trauma & Memory - Understanding the nature of memories for traumatic events.

Less Than 1/3 of Adults with Mental Illness Will Get Help in 2009 - One in four Americans over the age of 18 experience a mental health disorder in any given year, but a significant number go untreated, according to the National Alliance on Mental Illness, which is observing Mental Illness Awareness Week (MIAW), Oct. 4-10, 2009.  

reading-the-paper2-emily1Researchers Unravel Brain’s Wire to Understand Memory - The work is shedding new light on how the brain handles memory storage, loss, fear, addiction and aging. The brain responds to life experiences by adjusting the strength of individual synapses and by changing the pattern of connections between neurons. Scientists say this “plasticity” of the brain is the key to how animals and people learn, remember and forget.

New Orleans Mental Health Much Worse Than Before Katrina - Almost nine months into 2009, at least 219 New Orleanians have attempted to take their own lives; 47 of them have succeeded. The number and rate of suicides is higher than previous years and approaches twice the national rate.

500 Mile March for PTSD -  The march will raise funds for our hour-long television documentary on Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, commonly known as PTSD.

Art Therapy Heals Mind, Body and Soul - Survivors of natural disasters can use art therapy to help overcome depression, anxiety and post-traumatic stress.

Mackenzie Phillips, Incest, Stockholm Syndrome & PTSD - The trauma bond is common to victims of abuse, be they incested children or battered wives, as well as among prisoners of war, cult members, and victims of torture to name a few.

Topics for Combat PTSD

crossword-imagemakercanFor the Wounded, One Last Mission  - Some soldiers are returning to the places where they were wounded in Iraq under a program that aims to speed their recovery and close a painful chapter in their lives.

How Does Stress of War Affect Military Families? - Radio interview with PTSD psychologist.

Vets Struggling with PTSD Often End Up in Jail, but Should They? - Returning to Texas from the war in Iraq, some soldiers seem to bring the violence home with them.

New York State offers First Specialized Addiction Treatment for Women Vets - Samaritan Village is committed to the veterans it serves, and I congratulate them on leading the charge with a unique women’s program that is truly first in the nation.” 

Veterans Healing Initiative - Formed by Margaret Stone and James L. Abernathy, VHI’s core mission is to raise funds for veterans who need treatment for Addiction and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and help them begin to heal the war within.

Student Group Helps Ex-Military Become adjusted to life on campus  - the group is trying to serve as a network to help veterans make the transition from soldier to student.

Iraq War Vets Recieve HBO Treatment for Brain Injuries - Raymond Cralle believes that his extensive studies and 38 years of experience as a physical therapist support the validity of this life-saving treatment that saturates oxygen-deprived tissues with up to 10 times the amount of oxygen our bodies inhale and absorb, thus exponentially increasing the life-giving energy necessary to revive dying cells.

Fly-fishing becomes Therapy for Vets  - Project Healing Waters: It’s fly fishing, but that’s not all; for disabled active duty military personnel and veterans, it’s an effective therapy both physically and emotionally.

Sports Clinic Motivates Vets Healing Injuries - The idea is to build confidence by helping participants master athletic skills they might not have tried before.

reading-the-papter3-vidyaranya2Military Update: Strain of 8 Years of War Beginning to Show - Kammerdiener told the forum, “It’s a very sad thing that this country - your Army or your VA or whatever - has let us down so incredibly. I am asking you to step up to the plate and take care of somebody who went over there and did what you asked him to do.”

Changes Could Put PTSD Claims in the Fast Lane  - Under a proposed change recently published in the Federal Register, VA would eliminate a requirement that in order to be approved for disability benefits for PTSD, veterans must provide evidence to prove they witnessed or experienced a traumatic event linked to their military service, to include eyewitness corroboration and other documentation.

Female Veterans Road Home Dotted with Difficulty -  Women come home and they have to explain why they are the way they are - why they don’t want to be with the kids, why they want to go back to the battlefield.”

PTSD Facts From the NC National Guard -  The study found that young Soldiers were three-times more likely to be diagnosed with PTSD or another mental health disorder than those over 40.

Military Spouses Help Raise Money for Warrior Treatment Program - Military spouses all over the country are creating designs and having them printed on tees to be sent to their loved ones. The Home Sweet Home Campaign is proud to offer these tees to the general public on their website at

Soldier Reaches Out To Vets Struggling with PTSD - Rhodes has given more than 100 speeches around the country on the topic of post-traumatic stress and suicide prevention. 

South Georgia Horse Clinic Helps Vets Heal - The Hopes and Dreams Horse Clinic in Brooks County held its first-ever retreat.

(Photos: Little Image, Emily, Imagemakercan, VIDYARANYA)

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