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Topics for Everyone Combat Related Topics

Posted Oct 07 2009 11:57am

news13 BIG, or I should say, BTG, news this week! The Heal My PTSD, LLC, first ever monthly contest. Click here for details.

Want to know more about PTSD and the brain? Curious about why hypnosis and Neuro-Lingjuistic Programming are so effective in treating trauma? Wondering about my own healing PTSD survivor’s journey? Tune into my interview with Laurie Carty on her radio show, Abundance Alley.

Need a quick way to jumpstart your healing process? Check out this 5-step plan I guest posted on Maryan Pelland’s Women Day by Day.

Also, be sure to check out info on this Survivor Healing Circle.

Into art therapy? An invitation for you.

And then, of course, the weekly news, including how to recognize PTSD, how to protect yourself form compassion fatigue if you’re supporting someone with PTSD, a book review about a novel with PTSD themes, a new website to welcome vets home, plus some new PTSD treatments being developed by the military.

Topics for Everyone

PTSD: How To Recognize the Many Faces of this Hidden Disorder - These memories are not accessible to the thinking and reasoning parts of the brain, but they are present and real. A trauma capsule contains the cognitive, emotional, and body memories associated with each traumatic experience.

Compassion Fatigue: How To Protect Yourself - As any of the more than 50 million Americans caring for an elderly, disabled, or chronically ill loved one knows, the task requires superhuman strength and patience — and loads of compassion. 

Health Matter: Impact of 9/11 -  The most commonly diagnosed symptoms were new cases of asthma and post traumatic stress disorder.

Kidnapping Victims Face Tough Road - Jaycee Dugard is at risk for post-traumatic stress disorder. But if proper steps are taken early, the chances of her developing that, and other problems such as depression, can be minimized.

Will DJ AM Quote About PTSD Finally Get People to Listen? - In an interview DJ AM said “I understand why they call it post-trauma” referring to his state of mind in the aftermath of the plane crash he survived.  

Sexually Abused Girls Suffer PTSD - According to the latest study almost half of sexually abused girls suffer PTSD.

Sex-Linked: Men’s vs. Women’s Response to Stress -  A number of studies have confirmed that while stress affects both sexes, men respond to it differently than women. This is largely due to chemical differences in the brain. The differences are so consistent that men’s reaction to stress has been termed the fight or flight response, while the phrase coined for the women’s reaction is tend and befriend.

Book Review: Shake the Devil Off - In Shake The Devil Off: A True Story of the Murder That Rocked New Orleans, veteran journalist Ethan Brown examines post-traumatic stress disorder through Zackery Bowen, a charismatic soldier in the U.S. Army’s 527th MP Company.

Leading You To Be the Person You Were Meant to Be - Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral (TF-CBT) is a psychotherapeutic intervention designed to help children, youth and their parents overcome the negative effects of the traumatic loss of a loved one; domestic, school or community violence; or exposure to disasters, terrorists attacks, or war trauma.  

The Only Evidence Based PTSD/Suicide Intervention Is Blocked By NIMH From Scientific Review - Despite an unprecedented crisis in military suicidality, the National Institutes of Mental Health (NIMH) rejected the only evidence based proposal the SR process to cure post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and suicide in the U.S. Army. 

Organizing for Spiritual Healing - The most important elements of organizing as a tool for healing are telling and sharing of personal stories, physical movement (such as walking), and activities that involve tactile and olfactory experience (such as cooking, building and group art).  

New Orleans, Katrina & PTSD - Improving access to mental health care services is a critical issue in post-Katrina New Orleans where an estimated one in three people have battled symptoms of depression or post-traumatic stress disorder in the four years since the storm.

PTSD in Fiction - Review of Dave Eggars new book.

Combat Related Topics

The Voice of a New Generation of Vets -  Matt Flavin oversaw a 450-person intelligence unit in Bosnia, deployed overseas with the Navy SEALs and survived combat in Afghanistan and Iraq. But the challenge now facing the 29-year-old is in Washington, where he is charged with helping President Obama make good on his pledge to expand veterans’ benefits.

Book: Tears of a Warrior - A military family’s story of coping with PTSD.

Vets Suffering With PTSD can visit Chicoma Island for Help - The Institute for Creative Technologies at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles is near completing Coming Home, a virtual world in Second Life that its creators hope will help break down the barriers to PTSD treatment.

Web site Helps Welcome Vets Home -  Vets visiting the site seek help and encouragement from fellow soldiers who have had similar adjustment problems and who can provide tips in live online discussion forums on how to get through the experience.

Innovative Therapies for Treatment of PTSD - New research on post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is being presented this week at the Military Health Research Forum (MHRF), a scientific conference hosted by the Department of Defense (DOD) Congressionally Directed Medical Research Programs (CDMRP).

Virtual Therapy for PTSD - Researchers led by Charles Levy, M.D., are attempting to leverage combat veterans’ comfort and familiarity with communications technology and immersive environments (through cell phones, the Internet, and video games) and build a prototype of a virtual world environment (VWE) in which to conduct therapy.

(Photo: Ragnhild S)

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