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Posted by Dale K.

As history tells us, Thanksgiving is when the Pilgrams and the local inhabitants of this country agreed to stop the conflict and live "in peace".
We should all take advantage of this season to also live in peace.We should settle any conflicts we have with ourselves and others and help everyone - including ourselves - to live in peace and contentment.

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Thank you for reminding all of us to focus on what really counts this holiday season. We could all use more peace. You can't have TOO MUCH peace either! What you wrote can be applied to a variety of life situations as well...e.g., driving on the freeway, dealing with a difficult co-worker, and even dealing with your family. Good food for thought.
Yes, this is what the holiday season is really about! This is why I opt out of buying gifts for people during the holidays. I skip out on the stress of buying gifts and just enjoy the moments I spend with friends and family. A few of us were sick on Thanksgiving, but we still came together for a great meal. I hope you had a wonderful time with friends and family!

When my daughter asked me what I wanted for Christmas I replied - "You, just to see you and know you are content" (that gift is priceless)

I had a pleasent holiday season - my family knows I do not do "Christmas shopping" nor do they for me - We share art and food and for the best gift of all - we spend time together -
Glad to hear you had a wonderful holiday. I agree with you - we should spend more time with our family and less time stressing over what gift to give.
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