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Tips for Better Time Management

Posted by Swati S.

More time to do things means less stress. Here are some simple, but effective tips for better time management. 1. Learn to say no so that you don't take on more than what you can deliver. 2. It helps to delegate work, for both small and big things. For example, at home, you can get a family member to take out the garbage, or get a kid in the neighborhood to do the lawn-mowing that you have just not been finding the time for. Similarly, you can delegate work at office as well. 3. At times, it helps to take decisions on the spot so that you are able to get that off the list. 4. This is something a lot of us do -- and suffer for. Don't give better quality than required -- in other words, don't be a perfectionist because you will spend too much time on one task and will none left for the next thing. It's like a test -- you score better if you divide time between all questions, instead of writing one answer really well and then leaving some questions unanswered. 5. Finally, prioritize. This is the key to effective time and stress management. Focus on what is really important so you don't get distracted by the less important tasks.
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