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TimeGnosis for Stress Relief

Posted by Lela D.

Only in California I swear, but this is interesting to me especially because lately I seem to be feeling out of synch so to speak. claims to believe they can help you increases productivity, energy levels and overall well-being by aligning your activity levels with your energy. Apparently it's all about the Yin (inhale) and Yang (exhale) of the universe - did you know the universe breathes? That's what they say. Anyway, supposedly they can align a person with that natural rhythm, therefore bringing you into synch (isn?t that what I said I was lacking?) with what? The universe? Sounds groovy. This is supposed to eliminate stress, make you more productive, and boost happiness. Sign me up. Well, hold on now. I checked out the website for you, because I'm that nice, and it's $100 for a Personal Timescope analysis. Every woman knows there's probably some logic to the idea that some days are better than others, but I'm not sure I need to shell out a C-Note for someone to tell my I'm PMSing! Check it out and I will be DYING to know if anyone tries it! Please, please, please post if you do.
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