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The Tortoise Won the Race

Posted by C.L. R.

Whenever I have a daunting task, sometimes the sheer daunting-ness of it keeps me from just getting the job done. I waste a lot of time stressing myself out, thinking about doing the job, where I should start, how long it will take and how much I hate the idea that I have to do it. My friend suggested that instead of torturing myself with these mind games, I should simply do one thing at a time. Literally. She was like, "Look, if your kitchen's a mess and you can't comprehend washing or loading all those dishes, wash one glass. Then walk away. Do this every time you walk by the kitchen or start to think about it." So, after our kitchen became flooded by a shoddy plumbing job and everything was in disarray, I gave it a try. One item. The strange thing was, it really helped. Halfway through the day, I found myself doing 5 dishes or putting away 5 items. Why? Because I didn't "have" to. The deal was 1. Doing a bit more here and there was a bonus and before I knew it, the kitchen was back to normal. Who knew?
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