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The Power of 20 Minutes.

Posted by Swati S.

Research shows that 20 minutes is just the right time to have a relaxing power nap. It wakes you up feeling active and refreshed. This is something that I have actually experienced. Taking 20 minutes off in the afternoon makes me more productive for the rest of the day. It is nice to see research supporting it.

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The Spaniards do it. The Italians do it. I love taking the moment to get a cat nap. Like around 2 or 3 in the afternoon -- very rejuvenating for the rest of the day.

I wrote about what I consider to be the one true ingredient for successful power napping here:

Pass My Blankie - It's Time to Power Nap

Absolutely! Everyone from Leonardo da Vinci to Einstein understood the refreshing power of a little catnap. You don't even need to overdo it--to me, 10-20 minutes lying supine (maybe with a little background relaxation music) always makes me feel like I've gotten about an hour of sleep.
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