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The Humane Use of Mouse Glue Traps

Posted Aug 03 2010 11:00pm


Do you love mice? Maybe you have a pet mouse? Cool!

Do you love wild mice building nests in your house, eating stuff, chewing through walls and your belongings, leaving droppings and odors and running around spreading germs? EW! Probably not.

Okay, I know you won’t like this post, but you also don’t like mice in your house, right?

I haven’t had a mouse in my apartment for the 9 years I’ve lived here. It’s never been a concern. So, having them this week has not been enjoyable. I thought it was just me, but with 290 units here I just found out from management that my building, of 14 buildings, is mouse-targeted this week for some reason.

How to get rid of them?

1. Rent a Cat. Free lunch, exercise for the cat and it’s part of the cycle of nature.

2. Live Traps. Get the traps that capture but don’t kill, and let out to run free again!

3. Old faithful wood and wire Snap Mouse Traps. If you’re going to kill them, this is the best of course. “Should be” instant and over with. At least their spirit will run free. However, if you live in an apartment complex, this is not a good idea. They will run right back into the buildings.

4. Mouse Glue Traps and Pads. The big bad one.

A conversation here about glue traps: Many people are against these, including me, before I had mice this week!  Glue traps are considered, and rightly so, inhumane. There is supposed to be a chemical on them to anesthetize the mouse so that they don’t suffer, but that rarely happens.

So, is there a humane use of mouse glue traps? I know, it sounds like an oxymoron.

Here are two answers after 5 captures in 3 days (before maintanence comes over to seal up any drywall - behind stove and dryer where electrical wires are where they must be coming in.)

First, check your traps often enough that if the mouse is still alive you can do one of the following quickly.

1. If the mouse is caught just slightly in the glue trap and he would be alright if he was not in it, take it outdoors, pour vegetable oil on the trap by his body until it loosens the glue and he can run free.

2. If he’s hurt enough that he wouldn’t live, take the trap to the toilet and yes, dunk the little creature in and drown the little guy for his own good. Then, off to the trash (where, if you don’t finish him off, he’ll be suffering for a long time).

Finally, as soon as I see one in a trap, dead or alive, I add a blessing on them and to them and an apology. I don’t like killing anything, but sometimes . . . .

P.S. My mom (farm girl that she is) says that, “mice coming in now is a sign that colder weather will be sooner this fall/winter, they’re already are coming in to nest inside.” That actually might be valid too as it’s been sporatic weather this week, cooler here already the past few days. I don’t know if that’s true, but it is true that animals and mother nature communicate in awesome ways that we humans have long forgotten.

So, bless you mice, and please stay out of my apartment. Amen.

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