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The Healing Power of Journaling

Posted by Patricia S.

Sad? Depressed? Caught in a transitional time warp that seems to be going nowhere? Moving forward into happiness and joy is as easy as putting pen to paper. Words have meaning and by putting words on paper, we give them power. Journaling daily is an art form known to heal, create, energize and motivate. When thoughts and feelings rush through our minds and bodies, clarity and purpose are lost. Negative voices that play over and over in our cells create tension and stress on our bodies. Some believe clogged up emotions actually result in cancer. When we transcribe those thoughts and feelings into written words, we free our minds and bodies to accept new perspectives and creative solutions. When we take what's inside and put it on the outside, we let it go. Honesty is key. Getting started is easy. Purchase a journal with a design and layout that pleases you. Pick up your favorite pen and begin. Breathe deeply and let the writing flow. Set a certain time each day to make your journal entries. Write as little or as much as you like. Once you've emptied yourself on paper, you have a choice. If you prefer that no one ever reads what you've written, toss it. If you want to keep a diary of your journey, preserve it. Either way, you'll create the "write" stuff on the way to a healthy, peace-filled life.
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