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The Art of Napping

Posted by Nirmala N.

Forget the law of attraction--the true secret to happiness and success (as Leonardo da Vinci and Mark Twain both knew) is learning to become a master at the art of napping. Scientists have shown that simply putting aside 30 minutes in a day to nap can reduce a variety of health risks, including heart failure, by up to 40%.

Here are some tips to perfecting the art of napping:

1) Try to retreat to a dark place where you aren't interrupted by light or noise.

2) Make sure that the temperature of the room is on the cooler side.

3) Lie on your back and concentrate on your breathing. As you do this, consciously scan your body and breathe into places where you feel tension. Move up your entire body and do this.

4) Set a timer for 15-30 minutes. A power nap in the right conditions is much more effective than zonking out for an hour or two.

5) Make sure you are supremely comfortable and that your neck/lower back are supported. A bed isn't necessary for this. Try a yoga mat with folded blankets for support.

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I think the art of power napping is something worth pursuing!
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