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Take a Walk

Posted by Kenna M.

The benefits of just taking a walk to clear your thoughts or keep yourself from "killing" your spouse are endless.

The late Hollywood Golden Era actress, Katharine Hepburn spoke many times in interviews her fondness for taking walks.

Walks are theraputic and natural and self-reliant.

Sure wallking is an excellent workout, but what about the theraputic benefits for the spirit, you.

I personally love taking a walk and used to do it more often when I was younger in my school years. It gave me perspective of truth and what my priorties were.

Many studies and reports state that walking reduces stress, which encourages us to walk more for ourselves. Probably for those in our immediate circle of friends and family members who enjoy our company more when we have more harmony from walking.

Another important point now that I am writing about wallking is that it is drug-free!

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