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Swallow That Anger

Posted by Swati S.

Sometimes, a good way to reduce stress is to simply not get provoked. A difficult thing to do, but sometimes it is worth it. There are times when we get angry over a situation that is really not that important, for example, when a car overtakes us from the wrong side.

I am beginning to feel that instead of shouting and giving expression to our anger, perhaps it would be better to just let it pass and concentrate on something else that is more important and worthwhile at the moment. Somehow, being proven right at the cost of mental stress and anger is not really worth it, especially if it is over small things. What do you feel?

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I understand your point but I don't feel that denying anger is necessarily constructive. I, for one, was scared of expressing anger for years, so I would bottle it up. I am convinced this bottling up of my emotions led to some of the health problems I experienced when I was younger, particularly in my teenage years. I think that meditation has really helped me to deal with my anger--to recognize it when it's there, to accept it, and just to sit with it and breathe through it. This isn't the same as denying it, and it's not the same as "acting out" and hurting myself or others. Anger can be a very potent power when it's used constructively. It can be a creative force, it can be a force that leads us to speak up against injustice and to stand up for ourselves and others. It's just a matter of how you use it, but I don't think it's at all beneficial when you just ignore it. You're not really getting rid of it, anyhow--you're just holding it, which makes it more likely for it to explode and be expressed in volatile ways somewhere down the line.

it is correct that "this bottling up of emotions leads to some of the health problems" but expressing anger leads to some problems as well, social problems...

As far as I concern the best solution, which may not be easy, is a triad: 1-)swallow your anger 2-)forgive the 'object' of that anger 3-)do something good to that 'object'

by applying that triad no health no social problems we have

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