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Survivors, it’s time to st ...

Posted Oct 07 2009 11:57am

at-bat-fred-t Survivors, it’s time to step up to the plate. Over the past 9 months of the BTG worshop we’ve laid the foundation for a complete overhaul in your PTSD healing process. The goal was to jumpstart and progress within a year. We have 3 months to go; it’s time to get serious.

Over the past few months you’ve worked to change unhealthy perceptions, begin to deliberately construct a post-trauma identity, and set healing goals. Going forward it’s time to pull all of that together and ACT on it.

For the next month the BTG workshop will focus on healing resolution #10: I will do whatever it takes to be PTSD-free.

Are you currently doing whatever it takes?

There are many reasons why we make attempts and efforts to heal and then find ourselves stalling. We get frightened by the process, we get anxious, we get sidetracked by the rest of life.

In order to heal, however, we need to keep bringing our focus back to our mission. The whole point is to eventually liberate ourselves from PTSD symptoms so we can get on with the life we were meant to be living. Which means we cannnot accept defeat,  let distractions deter us, or entertain our own desire to just lay down and believe we simply haven’t got the strength to go on.

It’s time to gather up your will and desire and commit to going all the way. In my own experience and from what I see in so many of the survivors I meet and correspond with, PTSD breaks down into two major things:

  • an identity crisis
  • a trauma addiction

The point of this workshop is to resolve both through the development of your own self-empowered actions.

For the next month we’ll focus on ways to 1) eliminate healing obstacles, 2) add muscle to your healing work.

What does this mean, specifically? Stay tuned…

If you have specific things getting in the way of your healing, leave a comment or shoot me an email; I’ll work those topics - along with solutions - into future BTG posts.

(Photo: Fred T)

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