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Posted by annie s.

Hi I am struggling to keep my head above with an alcoholic husband who denies he has a drink has really taken its toll on me emotionally and am only just beginning to understand about emotional detachment would really appreciate any support in that direction anniexxx
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Hi Annie,

This existed in my extended family and the siblings had a family intervention. It did not go over well with that relative, but it probably saved his and possibly others' lives since his car keys were taken away. Are there family or friends that can support you in doing something like this?

hi annie god is always there for you when you least know it. Sorry you have to go thru all of this. My first husband was an alcoholic. He slipped back in during our marriage. The only person important right now is the alcohol. He will not know that you are there to support him and what not. I am not telling you what to do but it is what i learned. I finally had enough and left him a his lowest and that was painful for me. Today we are friends. He has realized what he had done to us but more imp. himself. You will be in my prayers. Look up on line about alcoholism, the effects on the family as well as the individual. Know you did all you can and NOTHING is YOUR fault-you are the escape goat. I'm sorry if I hurt your feelings. I just hate to see someone go thru what I did.           mommylove
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