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Support staff

Posted by C.L. R.

I have a friend who is in AA and I'm always interested to hear her talk. Whenever she has a problem and we are hashing it out, she inevitably brings up "her sponsor" and what "her sponsor" said. I finally asked what the deal was, and she explained to me that a sponsor was a person who'd already completed the program and, when you join, you choose them. The important part in picking a sponsor was choosing someone who had something you wanted, etc.etc. Well, I am not an alcoholic by any means, so I'm not in the program. However, the more I hear her talking about her sponsor, the more I'm starting to think that everyone should have one. And in my envisioning of this imaginary sponsor, I am picturing someone that I can call up like a therapist whenever I need advice. That way, there's no need to stress myself out or worry that I'm bothering my friends too much with my issues. Hmmmm.... I'm gonna throw this thought out to the girls and see if we can set up some sort of a support staff. Cause talking everything out really seems to help my inspiring friend!
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