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Posted May 02 2008 11:02am 1 Comment
So far during my final weight loss journey, I have not had an obscene amount of stress to deal with. The biggest factor that causes/caused me to overeat is stress. The times where I have been most successful at sticking to my low carb plan I have had little to deal with. I am going to finally have to deal with that because things aren't always going to be low-stress and I do not want to allow stress to cause me to overeat and gain the weight back. I must find other ways to deal. That is probably going to be the hardest part of all!

So a few posts back I posted about my porch falling apart. The very day the steps collapsed my husband began making calls to find someone to come and fix it. Cue the stress. This kind of stuff really, really stresses me out. Thankfully my husband handled the phone calls and I only had to speak to one of the contractors. We decided on a company and some men showed up on Monday to tear out our porch and the other pieces of concrete that are being replaced. That process only took about 2 hours but it just made me nervous. They didn't return until today they have been working on it all morning. My husband is home so I can relax a bit, and the men don't need us here to do their work. Thats what gets me most nervous -- that they will need me for something and I won't be available or available quick enough for them. I have been worrying all week about the impending rain and how it will affect the ongoing project. And then I keep catching myself looking out the window to see how things are coming and worrying about more crap. I watched one of the men fill up this drum with ingredients for the mortar and kept thinking like "What if he puts the wrong amount in?", "What if it dries up too fast?". I had to remind myself that the guy probably knows a bit about brick laying and isn't going to screw it up. LOL! I just have to force myself to not look. I will not look out the window until they are gone!!

Anyway, so yesterday I had some food I shouldn't have and a little too much of it. I had some organic vanilla wafers and Kashi brand cheez-its. And some chocolate eggs and oreos. That was pretty much it. I was up about 3lbs this morning as a result. I am right back on track today. :) One of my new goals is going to be finding SOME other activity to do when I am stressed that does not involve food. "Playing on the computer" can't be one of them since I do that all the time anyway! : Summer is here and going outside is an option. I just need to have more options. :)

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Well, it sounds like you are being very intentional about not overeating, so I applaud you on your mindfulness. Sometimes it's just a matter of knowing that we have other options and that we needn't act on a temptation. The more we exercise awareness in such situations, the easier it becomes to open up to other things that will bring us more joy than a little gluttony. :)
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