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Stress Relief Tips - Getting started

Posted Aug 24 2008 1:33pm
Avoid stimulants. If you are stressed, you should avoid all caffeine and alcohol. Nicotine is bad too, but quitting smoking is hard when under extreme stress
Avoid unhealthy stress-coping mechanisms. Avoid alcohol and drugs, anxiety pills, overeating, oversleeping, procrastinating, withdrawing from friends
Don't be too busy. It is a poor coping mechanism to fill every minute of the day with activities to avoid facing the source of your stress
Get a good night's sleep. Sometimes, a single night of 8-10 hours of sleep can relax and rejuvenate, and help you conquer that stress
Keep a gratefulness journal. Once a week, write down what you are grateful for, and to whom you are grateful. Read to them outloud what you have written
Keep a joy journal. Write down the names and reasons that others made a difference in your life
Listen to your ideas for helping others. Turn thoughts into action: Make a donation, volunteer, wirte a letter, join an organization, enlist your friends
See your doctor. If you can't work, are intolerant of heat, lost weight, have a swelling in your throat, or bulging eyes, you could have a thyrorid problem
Write it out. When you feel stressed about something, sit down and write it out. Organizing your thoughts may lead to a solution - and you will feel better
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