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Stress? Out!

Posted by C.L. R.

I was reading an interesting report put out by the counseling center at the Texan Woman's University and it suggested all sorts of different ways to relieve stress. It was especially interesting to me, because what we usually hear are suggestions like: *back off the caffeine * exercise more * know when to say no... etc. etc. Those are so typical. (Not to say that I achieve them. Actually, thinking I should try and achieve them stresses me out). And although this article had them, they had creative ones as well. The top five that I give a nod to are: (and I'm not putting them in quotes cause I'm not quoting them, just repeating the general ideas). 1. Don't lie. It stresses you out when you have to remember all your lies later. 2. Stop putting things off. Do what you want when you want to. (this one gave me pause - would I ever get anything done? Truth - I get more done when I just do it instead of wasting time planning or dreading or avoiding). 3. Bring a paperback (or game) with you wherever you go. That way, you won't be irritated when you have to wait (which will always happen). 4. Turn off your cell phone. (Huge.) Take a break and don't call people back for at least an hour. 5. If something is irritating cause it doesn't really work right (that curling iron that has the faulty handle) replace it! Such basic things. Be nice to yourself. After all, there's only one you.
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