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Stress Less America

Posted Dec 12 2008 12:58pm
Stress levels for many of us are at an all time high. With the recent downturn in the economy, stress is challenging the resiliency of our minds and bodies and seriously impacting our quality of life like never before. Centenarians, one of the fastest growing segments of our population, have endured incredible stress during their lifetimes.   In fact, how many recessions do you think a 100 year old person has lived through in their lifetime? The answer is an astounding 21 recessions plus the great depression. The moral of the story is that even though times are tough, you’re going to make it. Stress Less America was created to give you with free access to stress relieving products and services to help you positively deal with stress. Visit to start de-stressing now. Exerciseis a crucial element of stress management. When you perceive things in your environment is stressful, your brain sends a message to your body over your nerves system and tells your body to produce chemicals that are meant for physical activity.   Your heart beats faster, your muscles contract, and your breathing increases. When you exercise, this energy gets burned off. When you don’t exercise this energy wears and tears on your body and begins to break it down.   Chronic stress can strain your nerve system, spine, muscles and heart and lead to many health problems. Through Stress Less America, you can receive a free week of exercise at any Gold’s Gym in the country. Thank you Gold’s for opening your doors to all of us. You can also receive a free week of fitness classes, thanks to Les Mills. With thousands of locations in health clubs nationwide, they provide the perfect fitness solution to help you burn off stress. Good nutritionis also a very important component of helping your body cope with stress. There are some foods such as red meat, white flour, white sugar, and alcohol to name a few, that are hard to digest and cost rests on your body. Healthier foods such as fresh fruits and vegetables, lean meats, legumes, brown rice and 100% whole wheat flour a much better choices. Chronic stress can also lead to toxicity. Isagenix, the world leader in nutritional cleansing, has made available a free sample of Want More Energy. This product will give you the natural boost you may be looking for, while their other nutritional products can give you stress resisting nutrients to keep you on top of your game. Chiropracticcarecan provide substantial relief for a stressful life. By realigning the spine and taking the pressure off your nerves, spinal adjustments can alleviate pain and help you be more resistant to stress while also helping you to maximize your health potential. Through Stress Less America, you and your family can receive a free spinal stress screening through doctors affiliated with The Family Practice, and other chiropractic organizations. This care will help you take the pressure off and turn your power on. 


For all of you teeth grinders out there, you can receive a free oral stress examination from a Crown Council dentist. With nearly a thousand affiliates, you’re sure to find one in your area. 

There’s more available to you on line. Don’t let stress get you down. Visitwww.stresslessamerica.comand begin de-stressing now. Invite your family and friends to call us today at 337-7463 to arrange for their Free Spinal Stress Screening and visit our website at:


Dr. Michael Hanifen

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