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Stress Causes Heartburn

Posted by Lela D.

One more reason to take a chill pill. In a recent article on the Health and Fitness Information portal, they list reasons other than food related that contribute to heartburn. While it's true that acidic foods like spicy pizza and super tasty jalepeno nachos can trigger acid reflux (our fancy new name for heartburn), they aren'nt the only culprits. Eating fast can cause it too. And when we are upset, we are tense. A tense body doesn?t digest food as well as a relaxed one, therefore leading to heartburn. The article also blamed alcohol because it can irritate the throat and esophagus, but I'm thinking a nice glass of wine with dinner might help me relax! It makes you realize the value of a nice, relaxing meal, seated at a table, with good company and pleasant conversation. Eating's not just about the food!
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I've noticed that if I eat fast that I have more problems with my stomach. Just one more reason to take time to enjoy your food.
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