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Stress and Health – Americans Rank Low in Making and Keeping a Healthy Lifestyle

Posted Jul 19 2012 2:00am

Stress reduction for our best health demands that we get serious! . . . that we do everything we can, on a daily basis, to make the lifestyle upgrades we need to rebuild, heal and maintain a healthy brain and body.

A 2005 study by an epidemiologist at Michigan State University found that most Americans fall short in doing – and following through on starting to do – everything they can to lead a healthy lifestyle. Unfortunately, this has not improved since 2005.

The study that was published in the Journal Archives of Internal Medicine , looked at four basic characteristics that are part of a healthy lifestyle:

    1. Being a non-smoker.
    2. Exercising 30 minutes or more five days per week.
    3. Eating five or more servings of fruits and vegetables every day.
    4. Maintaining a healthy weight with a BMI under 25. (BMI stands for Body Mass Index) Check yours here!

The researcher was quite surprised with his findings:

Of 153,000 adults,

only 3% followed all four steps for a healthy lifestyle.”

“I was really quite surprised at how low that number was,” said Mathew Reeves, an assistant professor of epidemiology at Michigan State University. “These results illustrate the extraordinarily low prevalence of healthy lifestyles in the United States adult population.”


An unhealthy lifestyle means

  • more illness
  • more expense to treat those illnesses
  • a bigger burden on an already challenged healthcare system
  • more stress
  • more time lost at work
  • more quality time lost with family and relationship
  • less quality recreational time
  • less quality of life overall
  • even shorter lifespans 

And, add aging to the mix and you will “run out of gas” sooner than you imagined possible no matter what your age.


Our bodies and brains are resilient beyond our imagination. Most all illness or non-health conditions are reversible and not at a great cost. They won’t take “forever” to turn around and can be accomplished by everyone.

Remember that there is a ripple, or domino affect that runs both ways. It can be a downward spiral, or, by changing your unhealthy lifestyle to a healthy one it can flow upward and into health and vibrancy once again.

Taking care of your “earth suit” will lower your risk for cardiovascular disorders, diabetes, cancer, autoimmune diseases and other illnesses giving you back your quality of life – fun, joy, flexibility, memory, better social relationships – the list is endless!

Jump back into your health today. Do something positive so that your health, body and brain, can help you back.

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