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stomach fat, flab, company, xtras

Posted by tia m.

can anybody tell me why is it sosooooooo hard to loose belly fat, the kind that grows with you and the kind that sticks behind after you have a baby, omg what can i do? of course cardio, but i would have to run 12 hours a day and do 1000 crunches to fix this, does any body have a remedy that does not include surgery, starvation, impossible workouts, and pills that in 5 years they are going to say at first it was great but now we've found it will cause sudden death. yeah i am cracking jokes but some of us could loose our bellies n we would look like we lost a person or two. so please help me if you can with advice or suggestions!
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A lot of times, it's simply genetic. Spot exericising doesn't really do anything from my experience, but watching your diet and making sure that you get in lots of cardio is always a good idea. But just to play devil's advocate, I'm sure you are probably one of the only people that notices your belly flab. We are often our own worst critics. I used to long for a six-pack belly but I've gotten to love my little paunch. :)
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