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Step Away From the Computer

Posted by C.L. R.

Alright, we all know the feeling. We're sitting at our computer, something isn't working properly. The stomach clenches, the jaw sets and blind red rage sets in. Typically, this happens after one too many cups of java, but it is also quite common. A study was just completed by the Social Issue Research Center in Oxford, England, proving that anxiety is not unusual for people dealing with computer problems. The study showed that slow loading pages and complex navigation sites can lead to "increased heart rate and sweating." eek. Nobody likes a sweat-er. So, when you are getting frustrated dealing with modern day technology, get up, walk around and take some deep breaths. Think about how strange and simple life was before the world wide web. Appreciate what your computer has to offer, then get back to business. Give yourself time, though. No one wants to have a stroke over a slow loading page.
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