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Sound of nature for stress relief

Posted by Kristen D.

A lot of places, like aquariums and museums, sell CDs of relaxing music mixed in with the sound of the ocean, forest, etc. I kept reminding myself to purchase one for the days I can't be around the ocean, as the ocean has always been a source of peace and calm for me.

Tonight, wishing I could hear some as I worked on Wellsphere and got ready for bed, it dawned on me to check iTunes. There are actually free Podcasts with those types of tracks. The group of ocean tracks I'm listening to now are about five minutes each, and you can find them in the "Health" podcast section of iTunes.

While it may not be the same as actually being by the beautiful sea, it's pretty great and very relaxing.

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Thanks for the tip Kristen!! I had no idea that you could get something like that on iTunes.
I know a lot of massage therapists who use the iTunes podcasts in their studios (it sure is less expensive than buying a slew of relaxation CDs), and to great effect. I like to listen to music while I'm working but it can sometimes get to be a bit too distracting, so having background music that is comforting and stress-relieving is something I'm trying to be more intentional about.
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