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Snoring Is More than an Annoyance; It Can Be Deadly

Posted by Tracii H.

While snoring may interfere with sleep of both the snorer and his/her bed-mate, it is more than just annoying. Snoring can indicate a dangerous condition called sleep apnea, or the impairment of breathing during sleep. What should you do if you or someone you know snores incessantly? First of all, you should see a doctor or sleep specialist about the problem. They will likely set up a sleep study to assess your breathing. Also, snorers are more likely to be overweight, as the extra weight can impair breathing--sometimes severely. Losing the extra pounds--even 5-10 pounds--can help snoring dramatically.
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I have actually ended relationships based on the fact that the boy snored. It's like this - nobody likes a snorer. Unfortunately, many people who snore have no idea that they even do it until their loved ones clue them in. You've made a great point - snoring can actually be very dangerous. People who are snoring when they sleep do run the risk of suddenly, not breathing. Typically, a snore will get them right back up to normal, but it's not a risk that anyone should be willing to take. Getting yourself checked out by a sleep professional is a sound idea. However, if you don't have the funds to do this, start small. Try those breathing strips at the drugstore. Sometimes, snoring can simply be a sinus problem, simply cured with a breath strip. But if your snoring doesn't stop, scrape together your pennies or insurance and get the issue checked out.
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