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Sleep Like Royalty!

Posted by Tamar F.

According to Princess Luciana Pignatelli, Prince Felix Youssoupov (the one credited with killing Rasputin) was taught very disciplined sleep habits by his father. He was told to always get to sleep before midnight. If wished to attend a royal ball at 3 am, that was fine, but then he had to get up at his normal time, to shave and have breakfast. If he needed to go to sleep afterwards, that was acceptable. These older, royal edicts have sound basis in modern science. This is a good way to maintain the circadian rhythms and bring on deep, refreshing REM sleep. This also appears to be a way for night-owls such as myself to develop good sleep hygiene habits.
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You know, one thing that I noticed when I was visiting Spain was the way those party animals could go all night. And they barely even drank coffee! I finally figured out - it's the siesta that does it! They stay up dancing until 5 in the morning, catch a four hour snooze (enough for REM) go to work and get their day started, knowing that another sleep is right around the corner. Do they ever really have time to be fully awake during the work day? And hey, does it really matter? FIESTA.
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