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Shine this Holiday Season

Posted by Nanci C.

Relax and glow with the warmth of the holiday season. This five minute guided meditation will open your third chakra and brighten your mood for any celebration.

Sit or lie comfortably and breathe in and out through your nose. Feel your lungs fill from the lower lobes upward with each warming breath. With eyes closed imagine breathing in the color yellow, like the sun. Let your diaphragm rise and fall with these warming breaths. Imagine you are filling a pool of yellow light in the center of your body, right at your solar plexus.

Feel your body relax as the warm yellow energy overflows from the pool at your center outward beyond the tips of your toes, your fingers and the top of you head.

You are like a shining star burning bright from the center bringing warmth to every step you take, to the things you create with your hands, the words you speak, and hear and to your thoughts and deeds.

To you I say, Namasté , Sanskrit for “I see the light within you”
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