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Rocking a baby to sleep

Posted Nov 19 2007 12:05am 1 Comment
Yesterday, it was the middle of the morning and it was chaos in my home-office. On top of everything, my toddler was getting cranky because he wanted to sleep, and he wanted to snuggle up to me. I took about 30 minutes off, picked him up and sat in a rocking chair. I started singing a lullaby, and as I felt him drift off to sleep, I realized that rocking a child to sleep is probably amongst the most relaxing things we can do.
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There's something very peaceful about being with a baby or a child, perhaps because there is such a sense of immediacy and you know they are right there with you. I kind of feel the same way with my cat. I love holding him and rocking him, also, because he is so completely there in the moment, and that gives me such a sense of warmth and peace.
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