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Relaxing into Saner Living

Posted by susan s.

Life has become hectic, insanely fast, noisy and crowded with competing desires. Ironically, slowing down leads to a fuller life. The secret to living intensely is to know you are alive NOW. Living moments is not easy; it takes practice. Breath and be glad you are alive today, right now. The more you stop and notice what is around you and appreciate whatever you can in any minute, the bigger life becomes. Begin the day again, any time.
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I couldn't agree more! I went from an extremely stressful career (lawyer) to now being an online editor of My Meditation Garden, a site created for other stressed out professionals, parents, college students, who have forgotten or have never learned how to stop and take a breath.

While technology has helped us in many ways, it has also created even more stress and anxiety for us! Read Meditate to Deal with the Harms of Technology to find out how to deal with this problem.

For me, the easiest way to sit back and learn how to enjoy each moment of my life has been through learning meditation and especially following guided meditations.

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