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Relax at Work

Posted by Lela D.

What if your employer loved you so much, she brought in a massage therapist to make sure your neck muscles didn't get too tight or your wrists too fatigued? It's a new trend in high-end benefits that you ought to look for! Some workplaces feature massage as a regular amenity, while others bring in a massage therapist for special events or incentives. If you're not so lucky, remember to take frequent breaks from work. You need to rest physically and mentally. Sitting at the computer can be very hard on the body, but concentrating on one thing too long is equally taxing on the brain. Take a walk - even if it's just around the cube neighborhood - and shoot the breeze. You'll return to your work fresher for it!
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Once upon a time I worked for a man who brought a massage therapist once a month for the staff. Unfortunately I've never had such a wonderful boss again. It's something more employers should consider.
Stress at work is such a common situation. It's a real shame since that is where we spend the majority of our day! Here are some tips on how you can create peace for yourself while at work. 7 Keys to Workplace Zen
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