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Reiki and Drum Beats

Posted by Swati S.

I find the constant rhythm of a drumbeat very soothing. Recently, I found that Reiki also uses drumbeats as a healing method. Called ‘healing drumming,’ it uses the sound of a drumbeat to introduce the Reiki energy to a person. I also found that in many cultures, drums are often used in religious ceremonies. It is believed that the constant rhythm of the drum helps you to feel your own heart beat, and that in turn helps to reduce stress.

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I have heard of Reiki Drumming but I have not experienced it first hand. I am a big fan of sound healing, however, so I am curious to see how it feels. Lately I've been going to a lot of gong healings and those have been fantastic. Drumming is not required for a Reiki healing session, by the way, for anyone who is curious about Reiki.
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