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PTSD in the News: Monthly Roundup

Posted Mar 06 2010 12:00am

Saturday, March 6th, 2010 • •

news Great things being added to the Heal My PTSD, LLC, cache of resources for survivors! Are you ready to expand your PTSD knowledge and self-empowered healoing strategy? Then it’s time to register for information on our all-new, FREE, live, monthly Self-Empowered Healing Telecall .

On the second Tuesday of every month @ 9pm EST/8pm CST/6pm  PST I’ll host a 45-minute call designed around some aspect of self-empowered healing. In addition to a presentation and discussion about the topic there will also be time for a general PTSD question and answer period. Join us to connect with other survivors and collaborate on strengthening your healing journey!

Lots of interesting news this week, including new approaches to treating PTSD, how 2 survivors found love after trauma, a forthcoming book about combat PTSD and a combat PTSD related documentary. Happy reading!

Scientists Identify New Approaches to Treating PTSD - “What we found were that genes that are known to be involved in excitation and inhibition changed their expression three weeks after stress,” says Ponomarev. “The overall result is an amygdala that’s unable to normally respond to stressors.”

The ABCs of Emotions: How Emotions Actually Work - Dr. Aldo Pucci’s great video that breaks it all down.

Love on the Hudson: A Story of Resilience after Trauma - Resilience occurs when people understand that they may not be able to change their circumstances, but they can control how they respond to the situation

Nightmares In PTSD: Don’t Get Your Blood Pressure Up - Nightmares are one of the most debilitating consequences of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) affecting 70 to 87 percent of patients suffering from the psychological trauma. Fortunately, a surprising new treatment uses an old medicine to stop them.

Doctors struggle with new wave of injured in Haiti - Nearly a month after an earthquake devastated Haiti, medical teams still treat trauma patients but also face a new wave of ailments linked to poor hygiene and squalid, cramped living conditions

‘I was a stranger to my closest friends ‘ - “For a PTSD sufferer there’s no blueprint for treatment,” he said. “Everyone’s different. What’s important is for the sufferer to find a way to make himself better.

Coping with mental health problems following disaster, emergency situations - Although most people are resilient and recover relatively quickly, especially with support from their family, friends and community, a minority of people exposed to disasters develop longer term problems and can have persistent anxiety and other symptoms or develop mental health conditions such as post-traumatic stress disorder and major depression.

Mark Kerrigan: Self Medicating His PTSD With Alcohol? - Using drugs and/or alcohol to cope with PTSD is extremely common. It looks 45-year-old Mark Kerrigan, brother of Olympic skater Nancy Kerrigan, who also had her brush with aggressive and unruly behavior, may be doing just that.

Long road to recovery for driver attacked on bus - In March of 2009 a teenager attacked Michelle Nix on a Kalamazoo Public School bus.

New Book needs vets & family member caregivers to interview - Are you a vet (or family member caregiver) who has dealt with PTSD? If so, you can be a part of Dr. Croft’s new book: I ALWAYS SIT WITH MY BACK TO THE DOOR. For More Information: (210)  692-1222.

Program pairs veterans, dogs to help PTSD symptoms - When a cabinet full of pills couldn’t help wounded Marine Sgt. Paul Martin find healing, healing found him in the form of a 2-year-old black Labrador named Lia.

First Black Woman POW ‘Still Standing’ - Shoshana Johnson was one of seven American POWs rescued alive 22 days after the 507th Maintenance Company was ambushed in An Nasiriyah, Iraq, in March of 2003.

Afghanistan veterans on disability now 6000 More than 6,000 Canadian Forces members and discharged veterans who are receiving physical or psychiatric disability benefits from Veterans Affairs Canada have either served in Afghanistan or have a disability that has been related to their service in Afghanistan, the department says.

Women in the Armed Forces ‘More Likely to suffer mental problems’ Women already operate on the front line in a series of roles in Iraq and Afghanistan as medics, intelligence officers and with the artillery.

US military may enlist Omega-3s to boost performance but why wait? - An army marches on its stomach.” This advice, from French military adventurer Napoleon, seems to have impressed the US military which is considering fortifying troops’ rations with omega-3 fatty acids. What is it waiting for?

The War Within - A Look at the Rise of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder in the US Milita ry - The cost of the American Empire is not just measured in financial terms and in opportunity cost, our Empire exacts a punishing human toll.

University of Michigan Using Buddy System to Help Vets With PTSD - Some soldiers returning from war in Iraq and Afghanistan wage a different kind of battle to reintegrate into the U.S.

Defense Dept. launches independent inquiry into PTSD treatment at Camp Lejeune -After hearing about the case, Congressman Walter B. Jones demanded a new investigation, separate from a Navy probe.

‘Disgraced Soldier’ Fights Trauma With Documentary – A new documentary, Diary of a Disgraced Soldier, follows the dismissal from the British army of an Iraq war veteran and his battle with post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) linked to his videographing the brutalizing of Iraqi youth by fellow servicemen.

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