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PTSD Healing Thought of the Week: Begin at the Beginning

Posted Oct 10 2010 5:03am

Having PTSD is a bit like falling down a rabbit hole, isn’t it? Everything’s fine and then suddenly you tumble into a dark PTSD, Healing Thought of the Week, Beginnings space that turns your world upside down where you – and everything in your world – are mad as a hatter having tea.

But perhaps we can take some advice from Lewis Carroll, the creator of Alice in Wonderland, when he writes,

Begin at the beginning and go on till you come to the end; then stop.

Stopping before the end in PTSD recovery is simply unthinkable. You’ve got to get back your muchness. You simply have got to. Whatever it takes, KEEP GOING!

It is possible to conquer the past and create the future the first step is choosing to take the journey.

You can do this. I believe in you!

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