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Professional Perspective: PTSD: People Taking Strides Daily

Posted Dec 17 2010 7:56am

I have a real treat for you: Today we begin a 2-part ‘Professional Perspective’ series by  coach Patty Jackson  on how people can take daily strides toward healing, plus 3 simple steps.

Now, here’s the treat: If you like what you read… on Monday I’ll be posting a LIVE interview with Patty in which she outlines 7 Steps for Creative Change. So, you get the best of both worlds: the written and spoken word. What could be better?

PTSD: People Taking Strides Daily patty-jackson

The energy of emotional stress caused by trauma can be stored in the cells of our human biology. This is bad news. Carrying around stored emotional energy makes it difficult to move past those emotions and to new desired emotions and life experiences.

The great news is that past emotional stress can be released to make room for your desired emotions and experiences. The release can and should take place over time. With each small success comes a gentle, new and exciting experience.

The Three steps:

1. Awareness, Acceptance and Self Love right where you are

2. Define your Desire

3. Opening and Receiving the new positive experiences. Make them real, like pavers on your path to your new way.

How to use the three steps to daily strides:

Read the steps, their expanded explanations and the example given below.

Find a quiet place, a piece of paper and pen. Identify a current topic or situation that is causing you stress, worry or angst. Do this activity in the morning or before you put yourself in the place that is usually stressful for you.

Breathe and notice with acceptance, all your thoughts and emotions as you write. The emotions associated with long past events subconsciously have permission to release themselves along with the current event, little by little. Step by step.

STEP ONE: Awareness, Acceptance and Self Love

Allow yourself to be aware of what is going on right now.

What are you are experiencing with your physical senses, your thoughts and feelings? List everything you notice when you think of this topic.

See if you can breath and accept what is, with understanding and self-love. “It is ok to be here. I can accept it. It is just where I am right now. I understand.”

(Sometimes the first step to the first step is becoming aware of and accepting the fact that you don’t accept where you are right now. This is a totally normal first response for many people. By becoming aware of and accepting non-acceptance, you can begin to shift to acceptance. Becoming aware of self-dislike for being where you are is another thing some people experience. This, too, is normal. The biggest part of you can totally love and accept yourself even if you are feeling self-dislike.)

Once you can truly say “I am aware that I am experiencing this. I accept it.  I understand this is just where I am right now and I still can love myself even here,” it is time to clarify your desire.

STEP TWO: Define your Desire

Breathe and ask yourself in wonder:  “What do I want to feel or experience instead of this?” Take time to state your answer. See if your answer is written in the affirmative, what you DO want.

An unclear Desire: I want to not feel nervous. I want people to not ignore me or think I’m not speaking clearly.

A clear desire: I want to feel calm, comfortable and enjoy being at the party. I want to talk to people and learn about them and have them talk to me and accept what I am saying.

STEP THREE: Open and Receive the new experience.

Re-read your clear desire. Breathe and notice what you are feeling in your body!

From the, “Wow, here is where I am and this is what I prefer,” awareness, an opening can be felt somewhere within the tightness of your body. Enjoy it! A portion of the past emotional energy that you have been holding onto has been released, too. A little more of what you desire can now be experienced in the outside world because instead of reacting to what is outside of you, you will be able to receive the gifts of what is.

Notice and fully receive the small, wonderful changes. This allows the path for your next great strides to open, widen and remain smooth for more daily successes.

Breathe and notice your thoughts and emotions around current events. The emotions associated with long past events will subconsciously have permission to release themselves along with the current event, little by little. Step by step.

To be continued next week….

Patty Jackson is a relationship life coach and founder of THRIVE! Wisdom of Life Coaching School . Her specialty revolves around bringing awareness and acceptance to all emotions and all parts of humanity. She has developed Seven Steps to Creating Positive Change and incorporates them in her one on one coaching practice, as well as in her 12 week program designed to teach people how to coach themselves. Patty trains and certifies people in Wisdom of Life Coaching.

Patty has been featured in M Magazine, Lake Country Living on the Lake, on WISN radio and Fox 6 Wake Up News.

The opinions in this post are solely those of the author. To contribute to ‘Professional Perspective’  contact Michele .

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