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Pro advice on getting organized

Posted by Tamar F.

In Baltimore Smart Woman magazine, the owner of Clutter Busters gives insider insight as to getting it all together, neatly. She usually takes 15-20 hours to organize people’s… junque. And, she tells them not to buy any more of those plastic tubs from Target; most people have plenty of them already. Also, she disapproves of paid storage. For paid storage, you’d better make sure the stuff you’re storing is worth that rent. My dad used to pay a thousand a month to store crap. He could have lived in a fancy condo for that kind of money.

Clutter Busters advises going paperless as much as possible – paying bills online, for example. Also, get off mailing lists. Check out

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Reducing the amount of snail mail you get makes a HUUUUGE difference! I am so grateful for online bill pay, personally. It's made my life easier and sure as hell beats putting all my paper docs in overstuffed file cabinets, the way I remember my parents doing when I was a kid. I used to be a pack rat but not so much anymore. I keep all the stuff that has sentimental value but if it's not serving me in any way, I shred it (another great organizing tool) or give it away.
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