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Posted by Lara I.

If you had to rank the following, how would you prioritize them?

Happiness, Money, Love, Freedom

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Love - Happiness - Freedom -Money. Love seems to make endorphins and adrenalin to keep us going! Money makes things easier, but not necessarily better. Look at Paris Hilton! Also, when you have lots of friends in your life, people invite you over for potlucks or dinners and generally look out for you. If you have love, you can get by. The important thing is not to let money take over your romantic relationships, the leading cause of divorce.

Love, Freedom, Happiness, Money

Love makes the world go 'round. Freedom (of mind, body, spirit--as well as freedom from persistent patterns of behavior) comes in at a close second. Happiness can sometimes feel elusive, but I think it's only possible with love and freedom. Money's the cherry on top, but it's not the most important thing.

I'm having trouble answering this one...

I would have to say: Love, Freedom, Money, Happiness because love brings me happiness, freedom brings be happiness, and money brings me happiness (in terms of having enough money so there is no stress over the lack of money). If I have love, freedom, and money, I have happiness.

It all depend on how you look at each item. I could even say love, money, freedom, and happiness because again love is most improtant to me and brings me happiness, money gives me the freedom to do what I want to (travel, buy supplies for my hobbies, etc.), and with love, money, and freedom, comes happiness.

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