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Powerful Down Time

Posted by Suzanna S.

In our hectic to-and-fro lifestyles, stopping to recharge is often the first thing to be cut from the schedule. But take a second to think about this. Rest is actually a very efficient thing to do! It performs so many positive functions, it's nuts to leave it out. Think of your half hour meditation, your nap, or your "stare" time as a little multi-tasker of its own. Body and soul benefit in too many ways to ignore it. Making down time part of your routine -- rather than waiting until body (or mind) is in crisis -- will bring a constant flow of benefits. Increased energy for all your other activities, increased enjoyment of life, greater capacity for focus and concentration, and a sense of wellbeing are just a few of the benefits of a regular rest period. "Naptime" in preschool may have been the smartest thing on the agenda! Bring your blankie. Suzanna Stinnett
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