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Plan your meals.

Posted by susan m.

When you're on a diet, I've realized the only way to eat right is to plan ahead - which is really hard for me, because my job requires tons of dinners out on the town. What I do though is look at the restaurant's menu online - most places have that these days - and that way I can plan accordingly.
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This is sound advice. When you are trying to lose weight, half the battle is getting yourself mentally prepared. I've found that if I get my mind in a place that's ready to stop craving junk food and is looking forward to healthy food, it's much easier to go through the weight loss process. Planning ahead for social outings to dinner is one of the things that can really trip people up who are on a diet. After all, you don't want to be the person at the table blabbing on and on about how you need to lose weight. That's just a buzz kill for everyone in the vicinity (and it sets you up to have every mouthful judged by those sitting around you.) Dieting can be a personal thing and having the aforethought to look at an online menu, pick your meal and order with grace and dignity says a lot. You are much more likely to get where you're going if you know where it is.
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