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Plan for a Planner

Posted by C.L. R.

Eek, I tried to post this before and it didn't appear, so if this is a repeat, forgive me! The gist was this : I used to be a fly by the seat of my pants type gal, moment to moment, that was me (name that movie - and no, I am not trying to confess that I was a Pretty Prostitute). I just never used to write anything down. If someone asked me to go to the movies Friday, I was great at remembering Who What When and Where. But as time went on and my brain became more full, it got harder and harder to keep track of everything. I started double booking my friends and having a hard time explaining why I was changing/canceling plans yet again. Then, a friend bought me a planner for my birthday (not a Palm Pilot. Cheap). And this planner changed my life! I didn't realize how much trying to remember everything was stressing me out. Now, I write everything down. No more double booking, I pull out my planner and see if I'm available. It's made my life a billion times easier. So, if anyone out there is overwhelmed, I ask you this - do you have a planner?
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I am now what you were BEFORE you started using a planner! My question now is whether I should get a palm pilot or a paper planner/scheduler. What have you found that works for you? Also, do you have any general organization tips in regards to using a planner? For example, do you schedule things in as they come up, or do you sit down once a day and write a general to do list?
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