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Peer Pressure

Posted by Tamar F.

I’m far to old to succumb to peer pressure surrounding drugs or alcohol. But I’ve got some bad-ass friends who are all over the time zone chart AND stay up crazy hours. I’ve been up to 3 and 4 am lately and I look it. Now, my body is starting to get revved up after 1 am (when I usually go to bed) and it’s hard to change my stripes. I know that the most recuperative sleep comes before midnight.

Tonight, I’m gonna take care of myself. No coffee late tonight, no drama from the friends – they will have to go on without me. No late night tv re-runs. I want to take my life back!

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Well, I don't really have friends like that, but my husband does. And he's essentially just like me, though he doesn't always like to admit it--that is, he needs eight hours of sleep just like the rest of us, but sometimes his friends (who love to party, drink, stay up late) totally pressure him into just going out and getting wild. I personally think that kind of behavior has its toll--if not now, then ten or twenty years down the line, when chronic health problems and severe aging set in. I always tell my husband this, and I think he's fully aware of it, but sometimes our social circles can influence the way we act, regardless of what our bodies tell us. But it's smart to treat yourself well--and if your friends can't understand that, you're better off without them.
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