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Overcoming Panic Attacks: How do I Find More Time To Enjoy Life By Overcoming Panic Attacks?

Posted May 31 2010 7:33am
Panic AttacksI was in Montreal visiting my wife’s 82 year old auntie, just a few days ago. Usually the conversation is fun and light hearted like chats with friends. But this time Auntie said something that stopped me iced-cool in my thinking.
She said that most people go to work, eat and pay bills. They seem to have lost the idea of having fun. Then yesterday I was talking to one of my clients and I told him about auntie’s comment and he suggested that I added drinking.
So now we have, work, eat, pay bills and drink. When I think of the solo preneurs and the entrepreneurs that I have worked with in the last 14 years this kind of ring a bell.
You may wonder what this has got to do with you.

Some of us are ONLY focused on acquiring material assets and this is good. The only problem with this desire is that it very often leaves no room for enjoying life.
You may say, Cecil what do you mean. I am having fun.

And you know something you’re right but what do your friends and family think. You may be very surprise.

Sometimes it is very difficult for us to see the forest from the trees. However, there is another tell tale sign.

Do you ever recall saying – when you have enough money you will go on holiday or take a weekend trip with your family. But you never seem to have time because you are so busy making money.

In fact, you only take the time to stop when you are forced to stop because of a health challenge.

This making more money syndrome can become very addictive. And like most addicts we seem to live in denial.

Now this behaviour work, eat, pay bills and drink can result in stress and anxiety, short temper, high blood pressure, lack of sleep and other health challenges.

This behaviour can also come with a cost. Every time you blow up and or lose your temper, it will cost you in an apology or a gift to make up for your guilt.

Now here’s the secret to success to overcoming panic attacks
You have all this raw drive and energy which is not properly channelled.

So what would happen if you focused on enjoying a balanced life while chasing your dream – Instead of achieving material success at the expense of your health?

There is not only hope but a definite course of action you can take to break this pattern of behaviour.

Just imagine for a moment what your dream would be look like if you were really dealing with stress naturally.

How would your relationship with your partner change?

What would happen when you are no longer quickly losing your temper?

Consider the implication of your statement: You’ll take a weekend trip with your family when you have enough money.

How does that make you feel?

No matter how long you have been in business, you will need a skill or technique to help you overcome panic attacks. The good news: You only need to stop and use ONE of the suggestions I have outlined to change your behaviour. It’s that simple to bring back fun into your life again.

Cecil McIntosh guides solo-preneurs and entrepreneurs worldwide to learn to relax, stress less and go with the flow so that you can quickly experience profound peace, power and work life balance. Get a jump start on your own relax and stress less system with 21 no-brainer shortcut to achieving health and happiness at   You can reach Cecil at



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