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Organize Your Inner Clutter – Change Your Life Situation To What You Want

Posted Aug 03 2012 3:05pm


Inner Clutter (in our heads) stops us all the time from a better life.

Here’s an exercise to use every day to begin bringing back focus and positive mental movement towards the changes you want.

1) Think of what takes you out of alignment, off balance, makes you wobble in your day/life.

2) Then state the opposite for yourself and write it down: 

By  (when)_____________  I want/declare/invite/accept 

a demonstration of  (what) ________________.

3) When complete, state: Thank you. I know that it’s already in process and done.  Yes, be sure to be grateful immediately. God/the universe (the Big U as I call it!) does not run on our tiny clock! Let there be miracles!! :)

4) Then, and this is very important…  let it go. Yes, get on with your day. Do the doing that is in front of you. If you drag it back into your mind over and over you muddy the waters and delay the workings.

5) Keep a journal and document. Be aware of what shifts, changes show up! Document these changes so that you don’t forget that this process is working for you, and use it again and again for more positive changes.

6)  NOTE: This is only for changing yourself, not for anyone else or to try to change anyone else. That’s their job.

7) Let me know what happens! :)

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